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When I was 18, I wanted to denounce my American citizenship and move to Canada.  I had spent 6 weeks in Quebec City.  And, yes, there things there that I loved more than my own nation.

For example, NO ONE cared if you only owned 3 pair of shoes.  The lack of materialism was life-changing for me in many ways.

While I worked on getting a job that could help me move out of the United States, I traveled a lot.  I spent more time in Quebec, a year in Paris (at different times), and vacationed in 20 or so others.

I realize these numbers are not anything amazing;  but I’m just a school teacher from small town Pennsylvania.

Honestly, it was my Fulbright Teaching Exchange to Paris that turned my loyalty back to the United States.  That was the first time I realized how free I truly was in my native country.

I won’t go in to all the details, but on this Fourth of July, here’s a list of a few freedoms that ARE AWESOME.

1.  In America, we can choose where we want to live.  (Unless you’re in the military, but we choose to join that).

2.  It is still possible to become rich in the United States.  Are there problems associated with that?  Yes.  But, still.

3.  In general, Americans are kind to each other.  I’m probably naive and sheltered, but in my experience, MOST people around me are always willing to help when needed.


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