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Do you feel stuck making dinner EVERY night like me?

As in–wow, I used to BE someone who WENT places.  Now I drive 8k miles a year!  I don’t even know myself anymore.


I was making gnocchi for dinner and was transported to Interlochen, Switzerland, about 15 years ago.  In the snow-capped, idyllic resort town, I tasted creamy gnocchi for the first time.  The table was covered in white linen, romance and empty bottles of San Pellegrino (that’s water, not wine).

Delectable is the word.

Now, I stood on my gooey kitchen floor with my leftover baby pooch touching the counter, feeling SO restless.

I never go anywhere anymore…” my mind wandered off.  Then, I continued, “I also used to be thinner, adventurous…”

And it’s usually at one of these times that I see a reference to Wanderlust.   That word just irks me.

Why?  Because I have it.

Wanderlust–the insatiable desire to BE somewhere other than the place that I actually AM.

I must admit my mistakes.  In college, I went anywhere I could go.  And I cried, SO MUCH.  One example–I lived in Paris for a semester and it was the loneliest time of my life.

I wanted to escape my life;  all I did was lose life-giving connections to people.

After college, I got a teaching job.  I worked hard and stayed put for a WHOLE year.  In the summer, I backpacked in Europe.

That trip was amazing.  What changed?

I had roots.  I had worked hard, invested in people, and when I traveled, I was simply taking a break from what really mattered to me.

One of my favorite trips was a week tour of French Polynesia, just me and my thrifted backpack.  The day before I flew there, I submitted my MA thesis.  My brain had been through a Vitamix.  Tahiti was a divine reward for my intense work.

Ironically, while alone in Tahiti, I decided I didn’t want to be alone.  When I came home, I got serious about my boyfriend, whom I married six months later.  And he gave me my two gorgeous babies!

The work and routine of caring for babies can be unrelenting and boring;  however, I’m building my biggest community yet.

It’s called a family.  No, I would not trade My People for more travel.

The fact is–the attractiveness of Wanderlust is a myth.  Being somewhere else won’t be better.

I’m not saying don’t dream and don’t travel.

I’m saying–

“Wherever you are, be all there.”  –  Jim Elliott


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